Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market - Directive 2019/790

A number of documents prepared by AEPO-ARTIS related to the new Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market are available here:

FAIR INTERNET coalition joint guidelines for the implementation of the 2019 Copyright Directive November 2019

This document is an overview of the key provisions of the Directive of relevance to performers. It aims to highlight issues for performer organisations to consider when advocating for the most meaningful implementation of the Directive in their respective national systems:  FAIR INTERNET Campaign joint guidelines - Implementation of the 2019 Copyright Directive

Political Guidelines for the implementation of Article 18 of the 2019 Copyright Directive - the remuneration right Q&A

This document provides some political guidelines to performers’ organisations as regards the implementation process of article 18 and the possible questions that may be raised vis-à-vis the remuneration right: AEPO-ARTIS Q&A - the remuneration right