Statement of the Fair Internet Coalition in reaction to ITRE and CULT votes on 11 July 2017

On 11 July 2017, the members of the European Parliament Industry and Culture Committees adopted their opinions on the Draft EU Copyright Directive. While both bodies have only an advisory role to the leading committee on the file (the Committee on Legal Affairs) the two newly adopted opinions show the level of ambition of the MEPs to ensure that the Digital Single Market will be fair to all stakeholders.
We are delighted the Industry and Culture Committees of the European Parliament took into account the needs of European performers. Today, European politicians translated their words into action ensuring European performers will receive fair remuneration from streaming/downloading services such as iTunes, Netflix and Spotify.  By introducing an article stating that performers should be entitled to an unwaivable right to fair remuneration, paid by on demand platforms and subject to collective management, the Industry and Culture Committees took a decisive step to improve the livelihoods of performers across Europe. The Fair Internet Coalition is now looking towards the Legal Affairs Committee to follow through on this important step.

The statement of the Fair Internet Coalition in reaction to the adopted opinions of the Industry and Culture committees in the European Parliament on the Draft EU Copyright Directive is available in full here: