European Parliament calls on Member States to implement article 18 DSM in a meaningful way

Members of the Cultural Creators Friendship Group (CCFG) in the European Parliament released yesterday a video in support of the implementation of article 18 of the 2019 Copyright Directive calling on Member States to implement the article in a meaningful way. The European Parliament who has fought hard in support of article 18 during the legislative process, will closely monitor the implementation of this provision.

Performers have been granted a right to appropriate and proportionate remuneration and Member States have to introduce into their national law the necessary measures in order for this provision to be effective.

According to AEPO-ARTIS and its members, this can be achieved in terms of on demand uses via an unwaivable remuneration right, paid by platforms and administered by performers’ collective management organisations. This is a mechanism already in operation in Spain, where it has delivered a fair share of revenues for performers without any negative impact on consumer prices or business practices. This mechanism has also been supported by leading academics (see here).

Cultural Creators Friendship Group – CCFG on Article 18 of the Copyright Directive – YouTube