We Defend Performers’ Rights.

Despite the fact that performers have always been an integral part in the creation of any audio or audiovisual work, performers’ rights are a relatively new phenomenon in the field of intellectual property.

Contrary to the author’s copyright, which has existed in most modern states for more than 150 years, it was not until 1961 with the adoption of the WIPO Rome Convention first introduced basic international protection for actors, musicians, dancers, singers and other performers.

And even today, neighbouring rights do not receive the attention they deserve. The level of protection they provide is still too low and there is a widespread lack of recognition of the role they play in providing access to culture.


We believe that performers should be fairly remunerated for their work. Always.

All across Europe performers have organised themselves in collective management organisations.

On a daily basis, these organisations are not only involved in the management of the neighbouring rights of performers. They also act as advocates for an improved socio-economic position of the performer, in which strong neighbouring rights play a central role.

In line with this, AEPO-ARTIS has been working – together with its members – on the collective advocacy for performers at the European level, since 1994.

We work to promote policies that allow performers to fully enjoy their neighbouring rights and to entrust their collective management organisation with their administration without restrictions.

As representative of 37 European performers’ organisations, our main focus is on the strengthening of performers’ rights at European level, but we also help our members in achieving our common goals at national level and have been granted observer status in WIPO’s Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR).

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