#Fixstreaming – the good fight in Denmark for the rights of artists in the music sector

Danish Musician’s Union delivered signatures of 4500 artists supporting the #Fixstreaming campaign to the Danish Minister of Culture Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen, asking for a fair remuneration of Danish artists in the music sector. Read more about it here (in Danish).

Despite the fact that recorded music every minute gives billions of people great experiences, over the last 10 years there has been a decline in the income of artists from recorded music.

The Danish Musician’s Union decided to do something about it and, following in the footsteps of the #PayPerformers campaign, and with the consent of the UK #fixstreaming campaign, it initiated its own #Fixstreaming campaign with the goal of drawing the attention of the Danish lawmakers to the fact that Danish artists in the music sector are unfairly remunerated. The campaign urges them to grant performers a right to equitable remuneration for making available on demand, payable by the platforms and subject to compulsory collective management.

This comes at the time when the Danish Parliament is considering its options on how to implement the EU directive on copyright in the digital single market and in particular article 18, which obliges all Member States to ensure that authors and performers receive adequate and proportionate remuneration when their works and performances are exploited.

‘We certainly hope that the government would include the right for remuneration in the draft law which will be published in the next months, before the summer break.’ says Morten Madsen, from the Danish Musician’s Union.

Many artists have supported the campaign, with a petition launched by #Fixstreaming now having over 4500 signatories in favor of the proposal, some of them being well-known Danish artists like Steffen Westmark, guitar player and lead singer of The Blue Van and singer and songwriter Sys Bjerre. We can only support this initiative and hope the efforts are fruitful.

Learn more about the campaign here and you can find the in-depth article on this link (in Danish).