The FAIR INTERNET Coalition proposal for the fair remuneration of performers

In the digital age, performances are made available on a massive scale on demand. Most performers receive no additional payment when their performances are used in the online environment. Indeed, more and more entities benefit from the use of these performances, without giving anything back to those who contributed to them.

Performers (e.g. musicians, actors, dancers, singers…) have been granted an exclusive right to authorise or prohibit the making available to the public on demand of their performances (EU Copyright Directive 2001/29/EC). In practice, however, this right has not been as effective as it should have, as most performers receive no remuneration from these forms of exploitation. For this reason, AEPO-ARTIS, EuroFIA, FIM and IAO call for a measure to be introduced in European law, guaranteeing a specific payment to performers, whenever their performances are made available on demand online to the public. This remuneration should be managed by performers’ collecting societies and paid by the users, i.e. those who make the services available to the public on demand.

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We represents 37 European performers’ collective management organisations from 27 different countries.