Fair Internet Campaign

The issue

Performers bring life and soul to artistic works. Without them, Europe would not enjoy the vibrant cultural scene it does today and the creative content sector, which makes a vital contribution to Europe’s economy, would simply not exist. However, performers are still not properly rewarded when their performances are exploited on digital media.

Current EU legislation has proven ineffective for performers. Performers (singers, musicians, actors…) are not able to enjoy any remuneration from the exploitation of their performances on the Internet. EU level action is urgently needed to guarantee that performers receive fair payment.

A European initiative is necessary

A new provision should be introduced in EU law, complementary to the existing relevant provisions of Directive 2001/29/EC (the “Information Society Directive”).

Such a measure should guarantee that performers, in the event that they transfer their exclusive right and independent of the terms for such transfer, enjoy an unwaivable right to receive equitable remuneration for the making available of their performances on demand.

Such equitable remuneration should be collected from the users and managed by performers’ collective management organisations.

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