AEPO-ARTIS becomes a member of the global community “WIPO for Creators”

AEPO-ARTIS has officially become a member of “WIPO for Creators”, a global community initiated by WIPO and the Sweden based Music Rights Awareness Foundation. With the core aim to raise awareness and increase knowledge of creators’ rights and related management practices, ensuring recognition and fair reward for all creators, this public/private initiative consists of individual creators, national IPOs, rightholder organisations and private companies that make use of intellectual property.

Set out to help creators understand the complexities of creative industries and maximise the value of their work, WIPO for Creators will, among other things: produce and manage an online platform including educational videos to raise awareness and increase knowledge of creators’ rights, organise seminars and conferences; support the development and/or the promotion of IT solutions regarding creators’ rights and co-operate on specific projects and initiatives aimed at enabling more individuals and collaborations around the world to make a living on their creations.

“As an observer AEPO-ARTIS has closely collaborated with WIPO over the years and becoming member of this program was a natural next step in strengthening our relationship not only with the organisation but also other important interlocutors, working together to support creators worldwide.” says Ioan Kaes, AEPO-ARTIS’ General-Secretary. “Our members have a long history in creating awareness of creators’ rights and performers rights in particular. We are happy to be able to share that experience with a program like WIPO for Creators.”

More info on the program can be found on the program website: