Follow Up: Webinar “Collective management: A safety net for authors and performers”

A warm thank you to all of you who participated in the AEPO-ARTIS and SAA event yesterday (supported by the European Parliament’s Cultural Creators Friendship Group): Collective management: A safety net for authors and performers on 17 March 2021.

To those who signed up but unfortunately could not make it, the recording of the event can be watched here.

Our panel was moderated by Gregor Štibernik (CEO of the Collecting Society of Authors, Performers and Producers of Audiovisual Works of Slovenia). The guests were: Jochen Greve (screenwriter, Germany), Nacho Garcia Vega (musician, Spain), Cécile Despringre (Executive Director of the SAA), Yolanda Schweri (Member of the Board of SWISSPERFORM and Member of the Board of AEPO-ARTIS). With us we also had three Members of the European Parliament’s Cultural Creators Friendship Group: Alexis Georgoulis (GUE, Greece), Niklas Nienaß (the Greens, Germany) and Hannes Heide (S&D, Austria). Their biographies are here.

AEPO-ARTIS – is a non-profit making organisation that represents 36 European performers’ collective management organisations from 26 different countries. The number of performers represented by the 36 member organisations of AEPO-ARTIS can be estimated at between 400,000 and 500,000.
Press: Nicole Schulze,, +32 2 280 19 34 @aepoartis

SAA – the Society of Audiovisual Authors is the association of European collective management organisations representing audiovisual authors. Its 33 members in 25 countries manage rights for over 160,000 film, television and multimedia European screenwriters and directors. Press: Annica Ryngbeck,, +32 475 66 95 94. @saabrussels #WeLoveAuthors

CCFG – the Cultural Creators Friendship Group is a cross-partisan coalition in the European Parliament with members from six different political groups. We aim at improving the whole European cultural ecosystem, such as the Cultural and Creative Sectors and especially the situation and conditions of creators, for example authors, performers and artists.