Study: The cultural and creative economy before and after the #COVID19 crisis

AEPO-ARTIS is proud to present together with GESAC – #rebuildingeurope: The cultural and creative economy before and after the #COVID19 crisis.

What was their economic situation before the COVID-19 crisis (2019 figures) and what impact has the crisis had on activity and employment (2020 figures). The study then set out the main priorities for the sector to protect itself from the most serious consequences, to recover growth and enhance its value in the European economy.

The study was commissioned by GESAC bringing together a number of project partners including AEPO-ARTIS. Other partners are EUROCINEMA, EUROCOPYA, EVA, FIAPF, IMPALA, IVF, SAA, SROC; and supportive organisations: AER, CEPIC, EACA, ECSA, EGDF, EPC, FEP, FERA, FSE/SCRIPT, IFRRO, IMPF.

This study, which has been released today during an online press conference, follows a report of the same type, entitled Creating Growth, published in December 2014 and covers the 10 core sectors that already served as the scope : advertising, architecture, audiovisual, books, music, newspapers and magazines, performing arts, radio, video games and visual arts.

The analysis and figures of the study reveal that CCIs are more than just another sector to bail out of the crisis, they are part of the solution to the current situation in Europe and its economic and social consequences.

The full study is available at and a video presentation is available here: video presentation