The Association of European Performers Organisations, stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and their artistic community and opposes all acts of war

AEPO-ARTIS fully condemns the current acts of war committed on Ukrainian territory and calls upon the leaders of this world to stop this immediately.

“Within the AEPO-ARTIS community we work together to improve the situation of performers in Europe and abroad. Our organisations have close relations to our sister-organisations in Ukraine and in Russia. As such we believe in the power of international cooperation” said Tilo Gerlach, President of AEPO-ARTIS.

Sadly enough, we are once more confronted with the reality that peace is a fragile concept. Even in Europe.

Our thoughts are with our Ukrainian colleagues, the Ukranian performers and all Ukranian people whose lives are at stake.

May this senseless war be stopped immediately and the independence and sovereignty of a peaceful European nation restored.