View the AEPO-ARTIS Webinar: Performers and performers’ rights: How can we create a sustainable creative eco-system in Europe?

On 17 November, AEPO-ARTIS held its annual (remote) seminar on performers and performers’ rights. This year’s seminar focused in particular on the implementation of article 18 of the 2019 Copyright Directive and how this article is an opportunity for Member States to rebalance the current streaming market in favour of performers, most of whom see no revenues made from these services flowing back to them.

As streaming has become the most common way of enjoying music, film or TV series for many consumers, the status quo is no longer acceptable and should be addressed during the implementation process of the 2019 Copyright Directive.
Representatives from the European Parliament, the Commission, academia as well as performers’ collective management organisations discussed the best possible ways forward how to “create a sustainable creative eco-system in Europe”.

A recording of the event is available above or alternatively may be accessed via the following link: AEPO-ARTIS Webinar 17 November 2020

Particularly interesting is the presentation of Professor Raquel Xalabarder (at 0:30:29 mins) and her recommendation for Member States to implement article 18 by introducing an unwaivable remuneration right for performers for on demand uses and paid by digital platforms, a system which is not new to EU law as was confirmed by Marco Giorello, head of the copyright unit at the European Commission, and which is already successfully working in Spain, as demonstrated by Jose Maria Montes, Vice President of AEPO-ARTIS without any negative impact on the market or on subscription fees of consumers.

The research of Professor Xalabarder can also be accessed clicking here.