Webinar Invitation “Collective management: A safety net for authors and performers”

INVITATION: Collective management: A safety net for authors and performers
17 March 2021, 11:00-12:30 (CET)

What do collective management organisations do and why are they important for authors and performers?

Hear from performers, audiovisual authors and their representative organisations about why collective management is an essential way to secure remuneration and the increased role it should play in the digital environment as part of the implementation of Article 18 of the new Copyright Directive.

The event is organised by the Association of European Performers’ Organisations and the Society of Audiovisual Authors and supported by the Parliament’s Cultural Creators Friendship Group.


Moderator: Gregor Štibernik, CEO of the Collecting Society of Authors, Performers and Producers of Audiovisual Works of Slovenia


  • Fred Breinersdorfer, German screenwriter
  • Nacho Garcia Vega, Spanish musician
  • Barbara Hayes, Deputy Chief Executive of Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society (UK) and Chair of the SAA
  • Yolanda Schweri, Member of the Board of SWISSPERFORM and Member of the Board of AEPO-ARTIS
  • Members of the European Parliament’s Cultural Creators Friendship Group:
    Alexis Georgoulis, Greek actor and MEP (GUE/NGL, Greece)
    Niklas Nienaß, MEP (Alliance 90/The Greens, Germany)
    Hannes Heide, MEP (S&D, Austria)


A concluding video message from European Authors and Performers
invitation is available in .pdf format here: Webinar Invitation and biographies of the moderator and speakers are available here: Biography Details