WIPO Side Event: SCCR 34

On 2 May 2017, FIM with the support of WIPO held a Side Event in Geneva on the occasion of the 34th WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights, in which AEPO-ARTIS particpated along with other members of the FAIR INTERNET campaign.

Entitled “Enabling fair online revenues for all Performers”, the event took the format of a panel discussion and Q&A session, followed by a live performance by The Jimi D. Band.

Taking part in the panel discussion were renowned Spanish performers Luis Cobos and Nacho García Vega as well as Xavier Blanc, General Secretary of AEPO-ARTIS and Benoît Machuel, General Secretary of FIM.

The event was an opportunity for the speakers to draw attention to the FAIR INTERNET Campaign and the claim for for an unwaivable right to receive equitable remuneration for the making available of performances on demand.

The programme is available here: