News from the Ukrainian front

‘Everyone wants Ukraine to win and is determined to fight until the end whatever is their battlefield’

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AEPO-ARTIS thanks Belgium for modernising its Copyright Act the right way!

Today - 16 June 2022 - the Belgium Parliament completed the implementation of the so-called Copyright directive (2019/790). As one of the 13 remaining countries that were running late in implementing, Belgium felt the pressure of the European Commission that recently took a second step in the infringement procedure. AEPO-ARTIS, and the 650.000 performers our members represent, thanks Belgium profoundly for the way it implemented the Copyright directive by adapting its existing legislation to ensure better protection of performers and authors in the online environment. 

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Calling all performers!

Today, June 7th, 2022, is a big day for performers’ rights.

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#Fixstreaming – the good fight in Denmark for the rights of artists in the music sector

Danish Musician's Union delivered signatures of 4500 artists supporting the #Fixstreaming campaign to the Danish Minister of Culture Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen, asking for a fair remuneration of Danish artists in the music sector.

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European audiovisual artists demand fair market conditions

The European audiovisual industry needs modern legislation that will reflect the rapid development of digital technologies on the market, agreed participants of a regional conference on copyright. They called for the implementation of the EU copyright directive on the single digital market and a mechanism that would protect artists.


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Performers warn Member States against rapid implementation of the Copyright Directives

On May 19th, the European Commission has taken the next step in the infringement procedure of the so-called Copyright Directives.

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Music workshops for Ukrainian children at STOART

With Poland being one of the main countries where Ukrainian refugees found their safety running away from the war, our Polish members STOART and SAWP decided to help – free music workshops for Ukrainian children are bringing smiles on the faces of the little musicians. 

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Performers welcome the CJEU ruling on Article 17 of the Copyright Directive but are still waiting for their fundamental right to be fairly remunerated to be part of the balance

On the 2022 World Intellectual Property Day, the Court of Justice of the European Union issued its ruling on the case against Article 17 of the Copyright Directive (C-401/19). Poland had brought that case before the court hoping for the declaration of its illegality on the basis of an alleged infringement of the right to freedom of expression and information.

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War in Ukraine – CMO community coming together

It has been over a month since the invasion of Ukraine started, leaving the world shaken and in disbelief, changing it forever. Over ten million people left their homes in search of safer places for them and their families, many of those are artists and performers as well as many working in related industries.

One of those people is also our colleague Natalia Teslia, who, escaping the war and bombing in Kyiv, found her refuge in Poland, with help of her many colleagues from the CMO community.

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MEPs of the Cultural Creators Friendship Group call to Member States to ensure fair and proportionate remuneration for all authors and performers

Even eight months after the deadline — 16 Member States still have not transposed the Copyright Directive, denying authors and performers fair remuneration. Out of those that did, nearly none have succeeded in responding to our call for action by introducing effective mechanisms that provide authors and performers with proper remuneration.

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RE-CREATION: European discussions on artistic creation held in Paris

As part of the official programme of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union, representatives from a wide range of artistic disciplines gathered on Friday 4th March at the Théâtre de la Colline in Paris for the “RE-CREATION” conference, a full day of discussions on the importance of culture and creation for Europe with AEPO-ARTIS’ General Secretary Ioan Kaes participating in a panel on 'Better protecting the rights of European authors and creators’.

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The Association of European Performers Organisations, stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and their artistic community and opposes all acts of war

AEPO-ARTIS fully condemns the current acts of war committed on Ukrainian territory and calls upon the leaders of this world to stop this immediately.


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MEPs and Performers Meet to Exchange on the Future of Performer Remuneration

Almost three years after the adoption of the Copyright Directive, less than 50% of Member States have transposed it, leaving performers in the dark as to the right on a fair remuneration as laid down in article 18.

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AEPO-ARTIS co-signs the Film/AV sector DSA Trilogue Statement

Film/AV sector regrets that the European Parliament missed the opportunity to make the Internet a safer space for everyone.

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AEPO-ARTIS writes an open letter to the French President Emmanuel Macron

With France taking over presidency of the European Union and the ambitious programme that President Emmanuel Macron has presented to the Parliament in Strasbourg, AEPO-ARTIS wrote an open letter to the French President with the goal to draw attention to the important issue of improving performer’s rights.

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AEPO-ARTIS becomes a member of the global community “WIPO for Creators”

AEPO-ARTIS has officially become a member of "WIPO for Creators", a global community initiated by WIPO and the Sweden based Music Rights Awareness Foundation

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DSA – Plenary holds cards to building a safer internet

With the upcoming plenary vote, the European Parliament can still turn the DSA into an opportunity for the EU to play a global role in making the internet a safer space for everyone.

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Collective Management Organisations Temper the Impact of Covid on Performers

AEPO-ARTIS and SCAPR publish outcome of their joint study on impact of Covid-19 on performers

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Creative and cultural sectors express serious concerns over the Council's general approach on the Digital Services Act (DSA)

As part of a broad coalition of 24 cultural and creative organisations, AEPO-ARTIS co-signed the following statement to express the sector’s concerns over the Council’s general approach on the Digital Services Act adopted earlier today. Read the full statement.

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UK Parliament publishes "Copyright (Rights and Remuneration of Musicians, Etc.) Bill"

Kevin Brennan MP's Private Member's Bill published today by the UK Parliament

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